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The ARM back end’s 16-bit floating-point Advanced SIMD intrinsics currently comply to ACLE v1.1. Arm-neon-intrinsics. arm neon 方面的文档真的很少,所以整理下intrinsics指令的内容和文档 :) 更详细的armeabi-v7a文档可以看ARMV7 NEON汇编指令详解中文版.pdf 指令周期,吞吐量可以看Cortex_A57_Software_Optimization_Guide_external.pdf asm写法参考gcc内联汇编 intrinsics对应aarch64或aarch32 The Arm Neon intrinsics API mirrors the Arm C Language Extensions, with the following differences: All vector types have been collapsed into v64 and v128, becoming "typeless". It means that you must make sure that the vector type actually contains expected element type and count when calling an API. The *x2, *x3, *x4 vector types are not supported.

Arm neon intrinsics

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In your solution it is possible to use definition like following to distinguish between Arm/PC versions: #if !defined PC_VER #include #else #include "NEONvsSSE.h" #endif Neon can be used in multiple ways, including Neon-enabled libraries, auto-vectorization in compiler, Neon Intrinsics, and Neon assembly code. Well-Established Ecosystem A wide range of codecs and DSP modules are available from several Arm partners in the Neon ecosystem. ARM NEON intrinsics convert D (64-bit) register to low half of Q (128-bit) register, leaving upper half undefined NEON intrinsics guide. Makes ARM NEON documentation accessible (with examples). Born from frustration with ARM documentation and general lack of examples. Update: earlier this year ARM released new docs. Intro.

If you would like to get more information about neon programming you can check ARM's website and this blog series. DOCUMENTATION MENU.

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NEON intrinsics are supported, as provided in the header file arm64_neon.h. The MSVC support for NEON intrinsics resembles that of the ARM64 compiler, which is documented in the ARM NEON Intrinsic Reference on the ARM Infocenter website.

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Arm neon intrinsics

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Here are two introduction guides on using Neon Intrinsics with Android: Neon Intrinsics - Getting Started on Android; Neon Intrinsics - How to Truncate Thresholding and Convolution of a 1D Signal 5.50.3 ARM NEON Intrinsics. These built-in intrinsics for the ARM Advanced SIMD extension are available when the -mfpu=neon switch is used: Addition. uint32x2_t vadd_u32 (uint32x2_t, uint32x2_t) Form of expected instruction(s): vadd.i32 d0, d0, d0.
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